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by Brandy Burke
Mascara Wands for Wands for Wildlife

In a solid effort to do better over the past few years, I am constantly researching ways to repurpose or recycle or responsibly dispose of many things in life that I used to simply just toss.

There are certain things that I just seem to collect faster than others – one of those things being mascara wands. Especially with the recommendation that you change mascara every two-three months. I knew that I couldn’t recycle them – they are made of a combination of products, making them not recyclable, even ones that appear totally plastic.

A quick search brought me to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit organization that assists with the care and needs of injured and orphaned wildlife. They accept donations of clean mascara wands twice per year in October and February and they use these wands to remove fly eggs and larva from little sweet animals — seriously!

So my youngest daughter and I purposefully saved each wand (mascara, brow, primers, etc) with full intent to assist with their mission. We collected 30 that we’re sure they’ll store away and use for good….but they don’t just need wands, they have an entire wishlist online that can help them further their initiative. They also accept monetary donations – which is super easy to do when you mail in your wands. No wands? You can also donate online.

As February approaches, we challenge you to clear out your make up drawers, give your wands a good bath, print the form, feel a little generous and help this incredible organization. Do Goodstuff.

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