Valentines Day Printable Planner Stickers – Freebie

Valentines Day Planner Printable Stickers

The Hallmark Holiday represented by a diapered cherub and an arrow is around the corner.

I’m the man in my marriage – my husband loves all of that romantic stuff, but I’m not one much for Valentine’s Day at all.

The most exciting Valentine’s Day I ever had was spent in labor with my youngest (28.5 hours later she made her debut the day later).

I like the colors associated with it though, and flowers, and hearts, so why not decorate a planner with it, right!?

I created a basic freebie set of backgrounds and checkboxes that are sized just right for The Happy Planner – you can hand cut them or I’ve also included my silhouette file so you can auto-cut these babies.

Remember, they’re free, so no posting them somewhere and earning a profit 🙂

Valentines Planner Stickers

You can either print these on sticker paper or I’ve heard of people printing them on copy paper and using a glue stick (I haven’t tried that method).

Here’s the printable PDF

Here’s the Silhouette Cut File (studio 3)


If you like it – pass it along to your friends on Pinterest with a simple Pin 🙂

Free printable Valentines Day Planner Stickers


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