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Upcycling – Tin Can Planter

by Brandy Burke

I’m so in love with this and with my massive succulent collection, I’m not quite sure why I don’t have hundreds of these already.

My family prefers to be low waste. Truthfully, we’ve been quite failing lately. I hate to see trash going out and while we recycle like mad, our recycling bin is full, recycling takes energy and resources. So re-using what we already have available to us, especially when done on a regular basis can make an enormous impact.

Okay, I’m going to get off my soapbox and tell you about this adorable tin can planter. Wildly simple to create, and yet I’m going to dedicate this entire post to it.

Tin Can Planter Supplies Needed:


Tin Can Planter Instructions

Step 1: Turn your tin can planter over and using a nail, create three or four small holes in the bottom for drainage. Succulents really need drainage so I’d go to town on the bottom of my can if planning to plant a succulent or cactus.

Step 2: Measure your can from tip to tip and cut your paper to fit

Step 3: Quickly smooth a layer of mod podge on to your tin can.

Step 4: Adhere the scrapbook paper to the tin can, trim any excess.

Step 5: Put two coats of modpodge over the adhered scrapbook paper. Allow to dry fully between coats.

Step 6: Plant and enjoy!


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