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List: 10 Free Unicorn Planner Printables

by Brandy Burke
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Unicorn Planner Printables are a thing and if you don’t already have them in your reserves just waiting to be used – here’s your shot!

I love unicorns. When I was a little girl, my dad and mom painted my room purple and above my bed, they painted a unicorn under a rainbow, with a cloud above all of it that said my name.

If you’re a subscriber on youtube, you’re sick of this story.

Now at ….well, an age I’m not telling you here, I still love unicorns. I can’t get enough of them and if they existed, I’d save all my pennies until I could afford one as a pet.

Wait. What am I talking about, they do exist. I believe!


I have an enormous collection of Unicorn Planner Printables and Freebies in my bookmarks – it’s funny, more and more unicorn lovers are finally coming forward to admin their awe for this fairy tale horse with a magical cone – where were you guys back in the 80s when I was being made fun of for it?

Ok, lets get started here are my top 10 favorite Unicorn Planner Freebies to pack your planner.

Unicorn Planner Printables and Freebies:

Unicorn To-Do List Planner Printable

Unicorn To-Do List FREE Printable

Unicorn To-Do List Free Printable from GoodstuffMama.

Of course I’m going to list this first…Of course I am. It’s mine, and I love it – you can grab the Unicorn To-Do List Freebies from the planner freebies page right here at GoodstuffMama. The boxes will fit any planner and they are super cute (in my opinion but hey, it’s my list, so…) enjoy!

Unicorn Planner FreebieUnicorn PlannerPrintable from Victoria Thatcher.

Sometimes, I wonder if she loves unicorns as much as I do – among the several unicorn planner printables I have found and loved on her page, this one is my favorite – the colors are unique and bright and while I wouldn’t use these all in one layout – they are nice to have on hand to use intermixed with other stickers

Unicorn Planner Printables

Unicorn Dreams Printable

Unicorn Dreams Planner Freebie from Diary of a Nostalgic Dreamer

I love that the unicorns in many of the stickers in this printable are black silhouettes which help me draw the black in other planner stickers I used in to the layout.  But my favorite stickers on her freebie don’t even have unicorns in them at all – it’s her weekly trackers – they look different than any I’ve used before and I am hoping for an entire full set of them as a freebie on her blog some day (please!?)


And here are seven more Unicorn Planner Printables – – be sure to check out my planner sticker printing tips if you’re just starting out!


4. Unicorn Planner Stickers from Hello Nature Blog

5. Here’s a Weekly Kit from Sticker Pixie

6. Here’s a great set which also includes a spending tracker from Counting Sheepy

7. This one from Planner Lovers SCL probably should have been among my top 3 just for the variety in the kit!

8. I love the bright colors in this unicorn set from Life with Mayra

9. Someofthisandthat has a cute sheet of Unicorn Deco

10. Multi-colored Unicorn Silhouettes by MeinLila Park

Now I’ve share my favorite Slot planner items, my favorite Unicorn Planner Printables and pretty soon, I’ll be able to delete my budging bookmark folders and let the goodness live only here on these pages!

Know of a really good one that should have topped my list? Don’t be shy – share that in the comments below – if  I agree, I’ll add it and give you a shout out for bringing it to my attention!



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