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Undated Digital Planner – 5 to Check Out

by Brandy Burke
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If you’re just getting into digital planning or you’re looking for a new planner for your digital planning fun, here’s 5 undated digital planners that I recommend checking out.

Bonus: You can re-use the undated digital planner year after year 🙂

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Undated Digital Planner by Goodwin Design

#1 – This Mer-Mazing digital planner by Goodwin Design is my all-time favorite – you’ll see it in my pictures in posts about digital planning because it’s the one I use day in and day out. 

Why I love this Undated Digital Planner:

  • Tabs are hyperlinked (this means you just click on a tab to go to that page, instead of having to flip through it).
  • Totally my favorite colors.
  • Multiple layouts (seriously, I challenge you to think of a layout not included here).
  • Easy to load – it was absolutely the easiest planner I’ve ever loaded and organized.
  • Different types of paper (this is great if you like to take notes, Bujo, etc in your planner).

Undated Digital Planner by Alejandra Styles

#2 – This Digital Planner By Alejandra Styles comes in a close second for me for several reasons:

Why I love this Undated Digital Planner

  • Colorful but in a way that makes it easy to use other colorful stickers on the page without a total clash
  • Hyperlinked tabs (really, it’s necessary)
  • Multiple additional pages such as a sticker sheet, weekly outline, yearly outline, and trackers.
Undated Digital Planner by CCMDigitals

#3 – This Undated Digital Planner for Goodnotes by CCMDigitals tops my list for reasons you can probably already name based on the image above:

Why I Love this Undated Digital Planner:

  • The tabs are clickable
  • It has a good horizontal layout if you’re a horizontal planner
  • It has monthly trackers and expense sections
  • There are insert packs you can purchase and add to your planner
  • It comes with bonus digital stickers (and remember, you can reuse them forever so it’s an on-going bonus)
Undated Digital Planner from The Magic Happens

#4 – The Pastels Undated Yearly Digital Planner by The Magic Happens is on my favorites list. I don’t own it, but I see a lot of great things about it that would make it fall in this top 5 list:

Why I Love this Undated Digital Planner

  • Clickable Tabs
  • Various trackers (budget, expense, etc)
  • Vision Board space
  • Bonus Stickers
  • Various papers (graph, dot, etc)
Undated Digital Planner from Little Digital Plans

#5 – This undated digital planner from Little Digital Plans is packed and stacked and also on my faves list.

Why I Love this Digital Undated Planner:

  • Clickable tabs (noticing a pattern with what I love yet?)
  • Professional looking
  • Interesting page layout
  • Multiple trackers (Habit, Expense, Fitness, etc)
  • Top 3 of the week (this has my <3)
  • Vision Board page
  • Bonus stickers

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