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Easy Travel Washi

I take a planner with me everywhere I go – if you follow me on instagram, you saw a few weeks ago that I was planning away in a tiny recliner in my husband’s hospital room as he recovered from sinus surgery. I had a few pens, my planner, some stickers but only a few rolls of washi tape which in the planner world is just a disgrace, right!?

So I bring to the blog today a great way to create travel washi so that you can plan wherever you go without too much bulk.

Easy Travel Washi for planning

This isn’t a tutorial – because I don’t even know how to explain something so easy – but I hope it’s inspiration to you to load up your own travel washi ring before you hit the road (or even leave the house for errands)

All you need is embroidery floss bobbins and a ring, and a little bit of time to wrap the washi tape around the bobbins. For my thinner washi, I’m able to get two different types of washi on each bobbin, and one for the thicker. I purchased my travel washi bobbins and ring at Hobby Lobby but if you don’t have  a Hobby Lobby nearby you can get them at Amazon.

Even if you aren’t a planner (and if that’s true, then it’s time to get you addicted) this washi ring is just super fun to create and have…and washi can be stuck to anything but water 🙂

The thread holders are also great to use for washi swaps and happy mail for other planners 🙂

Easy travel washi so you can craft or plan anywhere!



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