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Planner No Spend – 10 tips to get through them

by Brandy Burke
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Are you facing your own planner no spend? Or maybe you’ve just heard about it around the web and you’re wondering what it is all about. Today we’re talking all about the planner no spend – what it is and how to survive one.

What is a Planner No Spend?

A planner no spend is a designated amount of time where no money is spent on your planner – the purchasing of planner supplies: washi, stickers, inserts, folders, etc haults. The duration of your planner no spend can vary depending on your own situation but many have no spend weeks or a no spend month. Planners do this for a variety of reasons – they have a large expense coming up, or they’ve really been shopping more than necessary and need to reign in their finances. Whatever the reason, you can still plan like a pro during a planner no spend without hitting Etsy or filling a cart to the brim at Michaels.


10 Tips to Survive a Planner No Spend

  1. Employee non planner items: Colored pencils, markers, watercolors, contact paper, stamps – use the time to find other things that you love in your planner that you already have around the house. You’ll find a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, including how to print directly on your planner pages.
  2. Keep something new on hand – when you find an incredible sale, buy something to tuck away for a rainy day – in this case, the rainy day is a no spend. It doesn’t have to be big – a new roll of washi or one sticker sheet goes a long way with what you already have on hand.
  3. Go on the Freebie hunt: Bookmark planner freebies sites and make the most of them. If you don’t have planner sticker paper, then copy paper and a glue stick become your best friend during a planner no spend.
  4. Trade and Swap: Find a good planner group on Facebook to trade planner supplies with other people. The only cost is postage, but if you already have some on hand, you’re still not spending!
  5. Track it! Use a cute no-spend tracker – you can make one yourself with cardstock or print one out – who doesn’t love a tracker?
  6. Create a Wishlist– if you must shop, use this time to add to your wishlist on Etsy or Amazon – or any site that offers a wishlist function… while some would say it’s best to stay away from all shopping at this time, if you just can’t turn away, adding to your wishlist can be fulfilling.
  7. Sync with a friend – go through your no-spend time with a friend – a little moral support (and mutual whining, anyone?)
  8. Buddy up – speaking of friends, if you have one with a nice stash, consider planning together where you can share supplies.
  9. Organize – take some time to go through your current stash and organize your planner supplies. It’s incredible what you can find that you forgot that you ever had.
  10. Reward yourself – when the no spend is over, reward yourself with something small – planner no spend months are tragic to the involved planner – you deserve a little something 🙂

A planner no spend is a great time to use up that stash you’ve been buying up, trade with a good friend (or new friend) and find creativity with other mediums while saving a buck or two.

I’d love to hear your tips for surviving a planner no spend – comment below or shout them out to me on Facebook!


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10 tips to help you get through a planner no spend

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