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The Best Journal

by Brandy Burke

I love to journal, although I literally have several journals and might pick up any one of them on a random day to use – which seriously isn’t conducive to a great history of my life but would be fun for someone to some day try to piece them all together!

Recently I learned about the One Line a Day five year journal and I was sold on the idea so I grabbed it within 15 minutes of reading about it and now I’m willing to sign off on it being the best journal I’ve used after only using it a few days. Why?

  • Its got a gorgeous thick cover
  • The pages are thick enough that they don’t bleed when using my Pilot Precise V5 (turquoise is my favorite).
  • There are 5 lines per entry – so you can literally sum up what is prevalent in your heart and soul that day.
  • You can start any day of the year
  • There are 5 years on each page so you can literally see how much you have grown in just a glance.
  • You can usually find it for less than $10

I can not wait to track my growth and feelings over the next five years and very likely purchase one for family, friends and my team members for gifts.


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