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The #1 Craft Tool You’re Missing

by Brandy Burke

I’ve always wanted to put a utility sink in my craft room. It’s not a far walk from this room to the hall bathroom to rinse my paint brushes and pallet knives, but it is annoying to do so. I think a utility sink would come in more than just handy, and at the very, very least save me from having to scrape paint off my bathroom counter.

But this craft room is a bedroom. And there’s a chance we’ll want to sell this house in the next 3-5 years. And something tells us that “spacious bedroom with a utility sink” won’t cause buyers to flock to us from near and far.

So for Christmas, I asked my parents for the Rinse Well and they came through for me and it’s not a utility room sink (I know this because I can’t bathe my dog in it) but it has solved all of the problems I mentioned above.

Let me say that while my site has affiliate links, I am not a spokesperson for this product, I just truly love it, and – you don’t know what you don’t know so you may not even know this thing exists.

But it’s the #1 craft tool I was missing and I feel I have a responsibility to tell you. It’s made that much of a difference in my crafting.

The Rinse Well doesn’t take batteries, there’s nothing to plug in. You simply rinse your brush in the well and when the water is dirty, you press the blue button to drain the water into the reservoir below. Gravity takes hold and fresh clean water fills the well from the plastic bottle above it. When the bottle is empty, the reservoir is full. The well has texture in the bottom of it to help scrub your paintbrushes, and holes line the outside of the well to dry your brushes and pallet knives.

And it’s like, twenty bucks. So there’s truly no reason why every crafter doesn’t have one. They should pay me to say that but they aren’t. Instead, if you buy through the link above on Amazon I will get .03 (no kidding) but it’s not about the gobs of cash – it’s about the sanity.

I’ve never seen a Rinse Well in stores, but you can grab one here.

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