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Free Dashed Boxes Printable

You all know how much I love boxes. Half boxes, three-quarter boxes, boxes of boxes…. if you have no other planner stickers, you can still create a fabulous, productive layout with boxes and checklists so I bring to you…


Planners Black Friday Guide

100 Etsy Planner Shops offering 40% or More Wow are my eyes crossed but it is CERTAINLY worth it to bring you 100 ETSY shops offering 40% or greater discounts at some point during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale…


Rainbow List Planner Stickers

I need some cheer in my day – so I created this rainbow list planner stickers for all of us. These stickers measure 1.51 X 2.45 (the classic Happy Planner dimensions) but you can use them with any planner.…


Happy Mail Printable Stickers – FREEBIE

Ah. Two of my favorite things: Happy Mail and Planner stickers. Oh wait, three because I love FREE too 🙂 I send a LOT of Happy mail. I’m a part of several online planner groups on Facebook and love to…

Medication tracker printable planner stickers

Medicine Tracker Printable Planner Stickers

I’ve been on medication since 2000 when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure – later, we added more pills when I added hashimotos to my list of ailments and most recently, HRT keeps me a sane woman since…