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Swatching Art Supplies

by Brandy Burke

I’ve had my eye on the Arteza Real Brush markers and finally just bit the bullet and clicked “complete purchase” last week. They’re not expensive by any means, I was only hesitant because I was comparing the arteza markers to the Zig Clean Color brush pens… after watching videos and reading reviews, the Arteza won – I couldn’t find enough difference in them to justify the price of the Zig Clean Color brush pens.

When I get any new art supply – markers, inks, watercolors, I always swatch them.

Swatching Art Supplies helps you to really get a good idea of the color pallet that you have, the level of pigmentation, missing colors from your set (yeah, I only find that out when I go through them one by one), etc.

Here’s my favorite way to get to swatching art supplies before you use them.

What you’ll need:

Swatching Art Supplies – Step by Step

When swatching paints and water colors I like to be able to show all of the varying levels of color on a swatch – so I start out really dark and then bleed the color out so that you get the darkest availability to the lightest availability.

If you’re using watercolors, the easiest way to do this is to draw a heavy line at the top and then add water to the bottom up to the line and blend downwards

Be sure that you identify the color name and color number for easy reference in finding that supply once you find the color that you love. I love the creative process of swatching art supplies and the ease it brings me when deciding on a color to use for my piece.

For writing the name and color number, I use a Faber Castell marker that is waterproof when dry.

As a final step, I use a hole punch to punch each swatch in the upper left hand corner so that I can put all of the swatches on a ring.


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