If you love sloths and you love planners….

My favorite sloth planner items

All it took was one look at this video and I was in loooove with little sloths. Honestly, in my dumbness, I guess I didn’t realize they were a real thing. It’s funny (and embarrassing) to learn about a new species when you’re nearing your 40s.

Then I started noticing all sorts of planner related items with this cute little guy on them – and I started bookmarking and saving and ordering – and now, I’m dumping those bookmarks right here for your sloth-enjoyment.

Side note – it takes a sloth a week to make a poop. How hilariously cool is that!?

sloth planner items
Photo Credits: These photos belong to the owners at the links listed below.

1. 6 Sloth Planner Clips – these are actually “sloths on a vine” but I’d chunk the “vine” and throw these cuties right in my planners.

2. Sloth To-Do Pad – a quick hole punch (or happy planner punch) and you’ve got these adorable inserts for your planner.

3. Sloth Memo Tabs – GUSH These things are so super adorable – you could also print some and create your own tabs.

4. Sloth Zipper Bag – for all your planner pens, pencils and highlighters. I love zipper bags and this one is taken from the artists original painting.

5. Sloth Mug – not technically planner related — or is it!? I mean, I like to drink fluids, I don’t like to spill said fluids on my planner stuff sooooo – I see a correlation. And I want it. Any of you can send it my way.

6. Sloth Pens – The Sloth Life – swoon – but why does it take so long for them to ship?

7. Sloth Summer Time Planner Stickers – Oh dear, these are adorable. Made by Etsy Shop

8. Nope Not Today Sloth Stickers – these are my favorite option for things that you planned to happen, but didn’t 🙂

9. Sloth Washi and it’s even in my favorite color – turquoise! And cheaper than a roll you’d find at your local craft store, too.



Sloth Planner Freebies:

Sloth Printable from Tweethaus
Sloth Planner Printable Weekly Stickers from Ninja Mom
Free Sloth Planner Printable Clips and Inserts from Momenvy


My favorite sloth planner items



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    Thanks for including my planner inserts and clips! I love sloths 🙂 I had no idea there were so many amazing sloth planner items 🙂

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