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We believe in a lot of things but there are four we want you to know about:



  • We believe that planning doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • We believe that perfectionism in planning can take away the fun.
  • We believe that the environment matters and throwing away a sheet of planner stickers because of a jagged edge or a little imperfection is cruel to our Earth.
  • We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for fancy packaging. So we skip that all together.

Goodstuff Paper Co. sells physical planner stickers in the Lake Keystone and Oklahoma City area. We also dabble in Etsy. Any sticker sheet with the tiniest imperfection to us (but still 100% usable) is placed on the Goodstuff Paper Co shop page here at

Here are a few examples of imperfections you may find:


An example of a mis-cut:

  • one sticker is cut all the way through (not kiss cut)
  • a sticker is slightly off (so there is more white space at the top or on an edge than we like
  • There is a slight jagged edge (usually on an icon sticker, rarely affects function)
  • Sometimes there is nothing wrong at all, except that we forgot to set the printing to top DPI….

Most of the time, we hear that customers weren’t able to find the imperfection.

Our Shipping:

Free Shipping: All orders qualify for free basic shipping – this means a postage stamp and no fancy packaging or tracking/insurance.

You may upgrade your shipping to first class with tracking $3.05 or to priority mail $6.65  if desired.

We do away with the foo-foo shipping and pretty miscellaneous that causes retailers to have to jack up their prices (who do you think pays for that tissue paper?) However, every effort is made to protect your purchase. We are not responsible for packages once they leave our hands.

BE SURE to select the shipping you prefer from the options during check out. You will need to enter your mailing address for the shipping options to populate.

Remember, we can only ship within the USA at this time. If you purchase but are outside of the USA, we will refund that purchase, however, we are not responsible for conversion fees, etc – we can only refund in USD…. bottom line, internationally, sorry – we’re unable to ship.


Due to the nature of these products, we do not accept returns. However, we’re not total jerks, so if you have an issue, reach out to

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