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Shaker Birthday Money Envelope

by Brandy Burke

I am often incredibly inspired by Paige Evans and Pink Paislee, but even as a seasoned crafter, I sometimes feel intimidated to try her incredible projects — am I good enough? Do I have all of the stuff? I turn to Google often to view how others use the inspiration to create something beautiful and then I’m double inspired, but I sit on that inspiration.

This time, I actually jumped in and used the inspiration to fuel something awesome, and I hope that when you google run across this, you’ll see that you can make these things too.

Our oldest daughter, Brittani, turns 24 this weekend, and what do you give to a 24-year-old who has everything? Good question. One her dad and I can’t answer – so we turn to money because we hope that she will actually spend it on something she wants (she’s a bit of a save-a-holic). But the presentation – a white letter-sized envelope with a check-in it, leaves a lot to be desired.

I wasn’t looking for the Embellished Shaker Envelope By Lilly Sanchez (design team member for Paige) when I found it, but when I laid eyes on it I was like – this is definitely good stuff…. but can I actually create something like this? I don’t have any of those papers or tools… I absolutely have to try.”

You know I don’t do step by steps on inspiration creations, leave that to the original creator – I will say that I purchased the cut file because I can use it for a thousand things, I didn’t use double-sided paper, so I just cut two of the envelope files and made cuts where it made sense to make this a two-sided envelope. Then I went on with using only what I had on hand – yellow tulle from an old tutu project, a mix of bits and sequins I had on hand from Trinity Stamps and Hobby Lobby, a paper pad that’s eons-old from Michaels, and two colors of embroidery thread which I messily hand sewed to the tulle and cardstock.

If you’re a hand-sew kinda gal like I am (yes, sewing machine and sewing class is on my bucket list, it’s just scootched down a bit) then I recommend taking a needle and a rubber mallet and creating your needle holes before you start to sew so you don’t crease and crinkle your paper. OR you can have some foresight that I didn’t have and just add those needle holes to the cut file before you send it through…. next time, that’s what I’ll do 🙂

I absolutely love being inspired by other creators like this — in fact, 75% of all of my creating starts with inspiration from companies and design teams and it’s a HUGE WIN when I finish and have something that’s really rocking like this to gift to someone else.

If you see incredible crafters out there creating things and you’re feeling the churn of inspiration and intimidation, just jump in and try it, I learned a new skill (hand sewing tulle to create shakers) and a new idea that I’ll definitely continue to use in projects in the future.

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