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I’m literally losing mind. I could have 20 planners and I still probably couldn’t keep up with everything I need to get done these days.

I invest a lot of time and money in to my planner supplies (honey, if you’re reading this, planner supplies are actually free) – so I don’t want to use something gorgeous and expensive to chicken scratch a quick list in my planner.

This morning, I caught myself beginning to write “carpet shampoo” on one of my boxes in my happy planner and I said to myself “self, stop. It will take you 10 minutes to create something temporary that works”

and so I did, and now here you are – so you may as well enjoy it too.

I printed out 3 pages and went ahead and cut them – now they are stashed in my desk drawer for a quick grab – I just saved the lives of planner stickers everywhere.

They’re small enough that they fit in any planner if you have the right hole punch – cute enough that you don’t mind them in your planner but not so cute that you care if you keep it forever or if you write neatly on it 🙂

Best part – Free.

Click here to download:

Planner Printable  - Quick Lists

Cute functional planner printable quick list - been needing this!


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