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Printable Unicorn Planner Stickers

by Brandy Burke

Two of my loves. Unicorns and SPRING!

Today, I’m gifting you something I gifted myself – adorable, spring like, colorful printable unicorn planner stickers!
These printable stickers come two sheets to a page and have all the basic necessities – a tracker, half boxes, check list, a couple of day headers and to-do headers and the most adorable unicorn you may have ever laid eyes on.

The boxes are sized to fit the happy planner, but I don’t use a happy planner and yet, these are my go-to boxes at just the right size. I hope you love these printable unicorn planner stickers and that you’ll share this post with your friends on Facebook and pin it (pin below) for others.

 To get your copy, just click “like” to like our Facebook page below. The gate will open and you’ll be given direct access to the PDF. 

NOTE: Sometimes this won’t work on a mobile device/ipad and will require clicking from a computer 🙂

FREE Spring Unicorn Planner Stickers

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