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Planner Supplies for Productivity

by Brandy Burke
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There are all different types of planning out there – some plan decoratively, some plan functionally, some like to use some combination of both (that’s me), but no matter how you plan, there are a few supplies I totally recommend to up your productivity game in your planner.

Here are my top 3 favorite planner supplies for Productivity.

#1 – Frixion Pens For Planning

Frixion Pens are pretty to look at, pretty to write with and <drum roll, please> ERASABLE – no matter how much we plan, things will always come up that send those plans spinning in a different direction and the very best advice I can give is to write with something that allows your life to be flexible without stressing out and hating your planner. You can find these here.

#2 Simple Checklist Stickers for Planning

Not only do simple checklist stickers fit in most planners but they are also a neat, tidy, and focused way to plan on anything – slap one on a piece of paper, your post-it note, the side of a meeting agenda for take-away tasks, etc. I keep dozens of checklist stickers on-hand. These are by Lulu Daisies & Co.

#3 A Great Productivity Printable

What I love about this one: It has plan vs actual. A spot for rewards, your schedule — it’s just really brilliantly laid out by Ellagant Studios.

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