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Planner Sticker Organization

Seriously, I always think I need more planner stickers, and I can hardly resist when stores have those Mambi books for $11… but this weekend, I realized that I have far more planner stickers than I can use, mostly, because I don’t know what I have, and I can’t find them to use them, because my planner sticker organization was lacking…miserably.

I’ve seen a lot of really great planner sticker organization ideas out there – but they only work if you are a responsible planner and only purchase what you can use. That’s not me, and since you’re reading this, I’m betting it isn’t you either 🙂 Keep reading to see my new planner sticker organization and learn to make travel washi to go along with it!

My planner sticker stack measured over 4.25″ tall – and that doesn’t include all the planner stickers I make, and all of the great miscuts that are available in the Goodstuffmama miscut shop.

You follow Goodstuffmama on Youtube, right? Please say yes, because that’s where I pour my heart out about planning, crafting and all the gooey love I have for you readers.

Click below to watch my new planner sticker organization come together – and be sure to subscribe because friendship!


For this Planner Sticker Organization DIY – Here’s what you’ll need:

A file divider with closure – I don’t trust the velcro ones, but here’s a good one on Amazon
Sticker sheets fully removed from books and packages and organized in to groups

Here are my categories for my planner sticker organization:

  • Boxes
  • Headers
  • Bullets/arrows/hearts
  • Full Kits
  • Deco
  • Home
  • Work
  • Health
  • Quotes

Here is where you can learn to make the travel washi that is featured in this video – I’d love to see your final product so be sure to tag me in photos @goodstuffmama on instagram.

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Organize your planner stickers - planner sticker organization tips from your favorite source @goodstuffmama !

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