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Whether you’re just jumping in to planning or you’ve been at it for a while, the different sticker options can be a bit confusing and every planner shop doesn’t treat the terms for the types of stickers the same but this post will give a general overview of the different types of planner stickers as well as the best places to find stickers (and my very favorite shops)

What Are Functional Planner Stickers?

Functional Stickers from Simply Beautiful Plans. Click to see.

Functional planner stickers options are stickers that serve a purpose in helping you to track or perform a task or activity – examples would be:

  • Icon Stickers (telephone, stethoscope, clock, etc)
  • Headers
  • Check List Stickers
  • Bill Tracker Stickers
  • Meal Tracker Stickers
  • Script Stickers with action items
  • Bullets, arrows and asterisk

you get the idea – functional stickers help you carry out an action item, but these stickers can sometimes be very colorful or graphic leading to confusion between functional and decorative.

What are Decorative Planner Stickers?

Decorative planner stickers only have the purpose of making your planner pretty – these include full box stickers (we’ll chat about those in a minute), character/floral/other pretty only stickers, many etsy sellers refer to these stickers as “deco sheets” – these sheets don’t do anything for your productivity but they sure make the pages more fun to look at.

Planner Sticker Options – Boxes:

There are also a lot of different planner sticker options for boxes. Boxes are most commonly used in planners that have a vertical layout such as the Classic Happy Planner Vertical or the Vertical Erin Condren.Ā  Boxes usually go the full width of your planner section (most common size is 1.5″ wide) but there are varying heights.

Quarter Boxes

These are 1/4 of the box you’re decorating – they are often used for short tasks and reminders – keep in mind that depending on what type of planner you use, they may or may not actually be a quarter of those boxes.

Half Boxes

Obviously, these are intended to be one half of the box you’re decorating. These are great for adding a deco sticker to and noting in important task – for example, I might use a telephone icon sticker on top of a half box sticker and then notate my meeting details. Half boxes give you more room to really decorate your task or to add more than one task.

Full Boxes

Fully boxes typically aren’t meant to be written on and often fall under the decorative sticker category. They take up the entire width and height of the box you’re working in and usually are very graphic. Because of their graphic nature it’s difficult to write on them, so you often need to put a half box or quarter boxes on top of it in order to plan anything funtional in the space. They serve a great purpose in eye-appeal for your planner, so don’t skip these if you want both a functional and a decorative planner.

You can purchase all of these stickers individually or in sticker books such as the Mambi Sticker Books for Happy Planners or you can purchase kits from Etsy sellers ready to go.

Weekly and Monthly Kits

Weekly and Monthly Kits are a combination of decorative and functional stickers to complete your planning session that match and are a part of a theme. For example, this is one of my favorite weekly planner kits.

Weekly Planner Kit from Otter Prints Co

Kits making planning uber easy but they can be costly if you purchase a monthly plus 4 weekly kits each month – so I recommend you purchase one monthly and 2 weekly kits with the same color schemes or at least with complimentary colors so you can use left over pieces from each in week 3 and 4 combined with stickers you already have on hand.

Printing stickers at home:

Planners can also find shops and planner freebie sites that allow them to print their own planner stickers. Here’s my best tip on printing planner stickers at home.

 Up Next: Planning 101 Part 3: The Best Etsy Planner Sticker Shops 

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