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Planner Layout Week 42

by Brandy Burke
Planner Layout Week 42

It’s my birthday week… and you know I wasn’t going to let that slip by without broadcasting it all over my planner (and all over this blog).

Yep, I’ll be 37 this week. The only thing keeping me from losing it over turning another year older is remembering how 12 years ago I was given 5 years to live. Not everyone is lucky enough to turn 37 years old, for years, I didn’t think I would be. So I’m ignoring the extra candle on the gluten free birthday cake and just feeling blessed to be here.

I found the candle washi strip, It’s your birthday sticker and the weekend and plain banner flags in this birthday planner sticker printable here.┬áThe clean sticker on Saturday came from the kit I used in my planner last week.

The remaining stickers came from my 1829 sticker set.

I really see the need for me to create my own full birthday week sticker set for next year.

I really love all of the colors on this page – Everything I pulled is based off of the It’s your birthday sticker – and I think it came together quite nicely.
2016-10-17-07-49-502016-10-17-07-49-55I don’t usually do a whole row of to-do check lists, but I’m trying it out this week to see if it helps me put in my Key To-Do Points because sometimes they get lost in the shuffle on my planner.

Sorry for the poor lighting – my teenager is still asleep and so I’m moving around in my office with a very light touch using only the lighting from my small desk lamp. The things we do to keep from having a grumpy teenager!

The pink and gold washi tapes you see on this page were just sent to me by my October planner swap partner – I really love joining planner swaps because I tend to stick to mostly turquoise items for my planner, but you never know what you’ll receive from a planner swap buddy to try out.

Fingers crossed that someone else picks out some washi for me to use for my birthday:) Other big things on my wishlist include the Happy Planner Disk punch so I can really get nerdy with all the printables that are out there in the world.

Oh! Speaking of the teenager that I dare not wake, she’s been sitting at the table with me and decorating her own planner each week – this week she snapped me a short of her own. Love that she’s using the planner clip.







Planner Layout Week 42 - Tons of planner inspiration! #planner #plannerlayout #planneraddict

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