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Planner Layout Week 41

by Brandy Burke
Planner Layout Week 41

I’ve never printed stickers myself for use with my planner.

I know, that’s pretty crazy as in to my planner as I am, but it’s true and now that I’ve confessed it, let just move on.


I found a really cool cactus/succulent set for free on Pinterest and you know how much I love succulents so I had to go for it.

I bought this printer paper and a new set of ink cartridges and I really feel like the sky is the limit when it comes to my planner layouts now.

Printable planner stickers

I don’t have anything fancy to cut my stickers but a good old fashioned pair of scissors and my own two hands. I thought I’d accomplish it on my lunch break but as it turns out, it took me about an hour and 40 minutes to cut all of these stickers.


My hand was crying at this point mid-day Thursday – I’m glad I save my actual planning time for Saturday or Sunday because I was burned out momentarily.

Saturday evening my youngest daughter brooke (who also has the Create 365 Happy Planner) sat down with me and we started working on our planners. It took from 6PM to a little after 8PM to get everything set up the way I wanted it and stuck to the paper.

No matter what stickers I’m using, I always lay it out first on the page and then peel the backing off and stick it down when I’m sure it’s where I want it – I learned the hard way that this was the best way to do it. Maybe someday they’ll create re-positionable planner stickers but I haven’t found them yet.


Planner Page Close Up

I am incredibly pleased with this layout – its my favorite colors, my favorite plant, and after sticker paper and ink cost me about $1.50 (and a freaking whole lot of time).

planner layout week 40

Adding some ink


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