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Planner Freebie – Color Focus Dashed Boxes

by Brandy Burke

You know my love for boxes – you can never have enough – and especially when they’re adorably colorful and purposeful like these focus dashed boxes  – write the subject in the colorful box and the details down below – Use them with the color bar on top or bottom! – I’ll use them for everything and I’m sure you will too. They measure 1.5″ wide so they’re sized just right for most planners and side bars.

Of course when I made some for myself, I made some for you too – my favorite GSM reader – so go ahead and click below to grab your free planner stickers and print as many copies as you’d like. Be sure you share this in your planner groups and on Pinterest to spread the love!

The screenshot image of the PDF never does these justice – but once you click through and see the actual PDF to grab and print, you’ll love them like I love them!

If you love them, be sure you pin them for others!

Free planner stickers from @goodstuffmama - focused colorful dashed boxes

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