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Planner Christmas Gift Ideas

by Brandy Burke

Since I started in the planner game a few years back, I’ve met some really incredible planner friends, people who plan solidly get me as a human on a different level than any of my other friends — and that means a need to shop for people who typically already have everything in the planner spread that they need – so this year I’ve looked at some planner gifts that are more unique than the typical planner supplies a planner would squeal about when they opened their gift.

10 Planner Christmas Gift Ideas

Before I share, remember, I'm an etsy affiliate - as an affiliate, that means that when  you purchase something from a link I place on this site, I may earn a tiny commission. I never recommend something I don't really actually like.

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Planner cases, pouches, and adorable pens definitely top my list. I’ve also spent a lot of time browsing the ready to ship Etsy gift guide for everyone else on my list – because if there’s one thing you know about me from reading this blog, it’s that I love to support small creative businesses 🙂 .

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