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PLANNER 2021: Top Planner Trends This Year

by Brandy Burke

Let’s talk planner trends for 2021!

If you bought a planner in 2020 only to have it sit somewhere collecting dust and listening to you binge watch Netflix, you’re not alone.

2020 brought surprises no one could have planned for. Just ask my daughter who invested a nice lump sum in a plum paper planner at my urging right before pandemonium hit.

Now that 2021 has graced us with its presence, people have been a little less inclined to purchase a typical paper planner. I know when browsing Michaels, the typically picked over planner aisle was fully stocked and in pristine condition well into January – but we continue to see unconventional planning and planner uses climb higher in popularity and for good reason.

Planner Trends for 2021

Digital Planning – Gaining Popularity

Who doesn’t want a planner that you can select the lasso tool on and delete all your plans in one fell-swoop?
That’s not the only thing that digital planning has going for it – it’s also a sustainable (hey hey, no paper!) option, and the digital planners and digital planning stickers are reusable, so sustainable, and affordable. This year, people are looking to plan in more creative ways and digital planning provides it.

Wellness Planning – A Necessary Planner Trends

One of the handful of lessons 2020 smacked down on us was the importance of our health. As the saying goes, health is wealth and we all know that to be true now. Wellness planning allows for the opportunity to track our movement (which is hard to get with everyone working from home), our food intake (when is the last time you took a healthy lunch break) and our supplements (hello Vitamin C and Zinc).

Memory Keeping / Journaling in the planner

I jumped on this fad super fast – time to keep track of the glimpses of normal life, the things we took for granted, the thoughts and total bullshit we worked through – photos in the planner bring back the memories for later when we reflect on 2021. I’m personally using the Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters system.

Productivity Focused – Planner Trends to get us up!

If you had to guess, how many hours did you spend sitting aimlessly scrolling on your phone or streaming back to back episodes of your favorite shows from yesteryear? These topics trend on social media and we’re all looking to climb out of the timesucks. Productivity (nothing fancy, give me a checklist) is raging in popularity right now as we begin to write down the things that used to seem nonsensical like taking a dadgum shower — raise your hands if you like to check things off? Goal charting will also be big in 2021.

Don’t let the squashing of 2020 keep you from the hope of 2021. Grab a planner, pick a planning style (or pick several) and start orchestrating and documenting a year that isn’t controlled by what’s going on in the world.

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