Paper Garland DIY in 5 Steps

DIY Paper Garland

As part of my quest to make as much of my Christmas presents and decorations as I can this year, I’ve run across some really cute and quick DIY awesomeness. One of my favorite DIY projects for this Holiday season so far has been making paper garland.

These cute little garlands are quick and simple to make and literally cost pennies. You can hang them around just about anything  – a tree, a mantle, a chandelier, your neck. It occurred to me while making them that they’d actually be pretty cute in bright colors for birthday parties – or just hung around the house on a random Tuesday, because why not!?

Paper Garland DIY Supplies

paper garland DIY supplies

The Glitzy Glitter Cardstock

Circle Hole Punch (any size, the bigger the better)
Quick dry glue
Twine/Jute/String of your choice

I used glittery card stock which made for some really adorable garland. I can’t wait to see how you mix and match cardstock to create a design.


Step 1

If you know where you plan to hang your garland, step 1 will be to measure and cut the twine so that you can easily see when you’re done. But I don’t always know where I want mine to go – if that’s your case, just go on to step 2

Step 2

Punch a whole heck of a lot of circles. 5 Circles makes one bauble. For my paper garland, I have 12 baubles. Cut a few extra circles because inevitably you drop one, it folds funny, yatta yatta.

Step 3

Fold all of the circles in half with the pattern on the inside of the fold

DIY Paper garland step 3



Step 4

Begin gluing 4 circles together,side to side. Stop when you’ve glued 4 sides together leaving the 5th circle for later and set your bauble aside to dry. We’ll put the last circle on in step 5 but it’s just easier to get it to work with the string if the majority of the bauble has dried for a bit.

DIY paper Garland Step 4


Step 5

Place your twine or string in the middle of your folds and then glue in your 5th circle



Seriously cute, right!? I can see several strands of this paper garland stacked in golds, turquoise, deep green and rose on my fireplace for Christmas (you might have noticed, I’m not the typical red+green=Christmas kind of girl).




DIY Paper Garland



Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Reply

    So simple but so cute! I need one on my mantel.

    • Lizzie From Texas
    • December 30, 2016

    I plan to do this for my New Year’s party! Glad I found you. I am a big paper crafts person.

  2. Reply

    So cute! I could actually do this and not screw it up lol

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