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Paper Crafters Gift Guide

by Brandy Burke
Paper crafters gift guide

I love paper crafting – of all sorts – scrapbooking, card making, tag making, planner decorating, origami – you name it. I also hoard papercrafting supplies as though the end of all crafting stores is in the near future. Here’s a list of my favorites – both that I own and that I covet – if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the papercraft in your life, you can’t go wrong by snagging one of these great items off of this list.




Creative Lettering and Beyond Book

Cost: $11.97

Notes: I do not own this, but it has been on my wishlist for quite some time.


Lots of Glitter

Cost: $18.44

Notes: Even if your paper crafter has oodles of glitter they will never, ever say no to oodles and oodles more.

Carousel Organizer

Cost: $19.00

Gift Upgrades: Fill it with twine, adhesives and other embellishments

Xyron Sticker Maker

Cost: $19.64

Gift Upgrades: Include an extra refill cartridge or a gift certificate for photo printing.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Starter Kit

Cost: $18.15

Gift Upgrades: Oh so many companions to this gift to be found.

Notes: This has been on my wishlist forever – I can see this being all-the-time use for scrapbooking, card making, tag making, flip books…. the list is endless.


We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse

Cost: 18.99

Gift Upgrades: Include the mat , extra tips and journalling cards 

Notes: I own this and I absolutely love it – but you really can not use it without the mat because the little sucker gets hot and will tear up any “self healing” or “heat resistant” thing you think might work.

Crop a Dial

Cost: $27.00

Gift Upgrades: an assortment of eyelets 

Die Cuts

Cost: $3 and Up

Gift Upgrades: Grab a variety of diecuts and gift them to your recipient in an organizer or in a gift back with adhesives


Cost: Under $10

Gift Upgrades: Pair is with cute printed paper and deliver it in a paper keeper.

Embossing Heat Tool

Cost: $18.52

Gift Upgrades: Throw in a embossing pad and a few embossing powders

Great Stocking Stuffer: Embossing Pens

Notes: I own this and I absolutely love it!

Stamp Pads

Cost: $9.99

Notes: Stamp pads get used up, dried up, lost – no matter how many she has, she can use more.

Trim and Score Board

Cost: $17.99

Gift Upgrades: Pair it up with some cute printed paper.

Notes: Does she already have one? Maybe. Can she never find it when she needs it? Absolutely.

Washi Tape

Cost: $14.60 for this set but you can find it on amazon from $3-$20

Gift Upgrades: Grab a washi tape dispenser

Notes: I have dozens (okay, hundreds) of rolls and I STILL NEED MORE. So never assume that someone doesn’t want it because they have a lot. A paper crafter does. Yep.

Water Color Brush Pens

Cost: $28.90

Gift Upgrades: Throw in a pad of unlined sketch paper or include the creative lettering book we saw up above.

Wooden Rubber Stamp Sets

Cost: $16.85

Great Stocking Stuffer or Upgrade: Stamp Cleaner

Notes: You can never have too many stamps!

Thermal Laminator

Cost: $21.99

Gift Upgrades: Purchase additional laminating pouches

Notes: I only recently purchased this and seriously, I’d laminate myself if I’d fit.

Sticker Paper

Cost: $13.49

Notes: The planner, scrapbooker and cardmaker will appreciate these (if they have a printer)

i-tool Basics Kit

Cost: $16.44

Notes: If she’s a new paper crafter, she needs it. If she’s been paper crafting for long, she’s lost half the pieces.

Edge Punches

Cost: $16.44

Notes: There are so many different edge/border punches that you probably couldn’t duplicate one she already has unless all she does is border punch all day.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Album

Cost: $14.07

Gift Upgrades: Gel Pens or Heidi Swapp Stickers


And other things you can never have too many of:

Stickers  Eyelets  Brads other fun embellishments 


Awesome Paper Crafting Stocking Stuffers







Paper crafters gift guide - scrapbooking planning cardmaking gifts

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