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Organizing your Distress Inks and Oxides – Free Printable

by Brandy Burke
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I’m a distress ink and distress oxide superfan. I use them in nearly every project and my collection has grown to duplicates of colors because I lacked organization (and just general labelling) of my products.

This week I set out to create a label and organization system that would work for me in my craft room and I decided to share it with you. This might not be the best way for you to organize your distress inks, but no matter how you choose to arrange your supplies, the free distress ink and distress oxide labels that I’ve provided in this blog post will still be a treat.

Organizing distress inks main image

While I believe in fully displaying your supplies for inspiration and actual use, I do I use the white cube drawers seen in many craft rooms to store some of my belongings. Usually things like inks, pens or chipboard. And like every good southern kitchen, my craft room also has a “junk” drawer.

Anyway, organization of distress inks and oxides in my craftroom was long overdue. They were just hanging out in a drawer and I tended to use the same ones over and over because they were the ones on top.

So I grabbed some of the turquoise rectangular divider trays from Michaels at $1.99 for three of them. They fit distress inks perfectly. The smaller bins are great for holding the mini inks and your blending tools and pads. I wish I hadn’t chosen a white pin for my blending tools because as you can tell, it gets a bit messy.

Organizing Distress Inks

Anyway, one of my biggest problems with my inks and oxides is my inability to really see what I have (and I know, a lot of people recommend you store your inks upside down, but I’ve never had any problems with storing my inks on their side. To remedy the “what colors do I have” problem, I created distress inks with hearts (that I’m proud of myself for how well they match the actual colors of the inks) so that I could see at a glance what I have and be inspired to use more than just my usual colors (my go-to is always peacock feathers and picked raspberry)!

I’m happy to to say that the end result is really working for me. I know others likely have the same storage issues I have, so I’ve shared the labels with you in a free download. Click “Like” on the Facebook button below and then click on the image to go to the downloadable PDF. Print this sheet on sticker paper and cut on the gray lines OR Print on regular paper and cut then use tape to adhere.


Organize your craft room with distress ink labels

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