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Oh The Things I Want From Etsy

by Brandy Burke

Makers, they make some really incredible things and I’ve been taking a good hard notice of them on Etsy lately. I’ve always been a big fan of shopping small, and I’ve mentioned Etsy in multiple blog posts, encouraging you to support small businesses, and creative ones at that, but now, a year into a pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we support these small creative businesses.

If you’re not already utilizing the favorites and lists feature of Etsy, it’s my new found way to organize the things I want (some for my pets, some for my house…and a LOT for me).

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You can see my entire Etsy Favorites and Lists here.

Here are the top 3 things on my Etsy Wishlist RIGHT NOW

These Polymer Clay Earrings from Noemico Shop

These Vivid Colorful Mugs From Lizashopstoreart

These Sweet Collars for My Pups from Big Pup Pet Fashion

See all of the things I’m currently eyeing on Etsy here and share your Faves list with me in the comments below!

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