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My Erin Condren Planner Haul

by Brandy Burke

I was THRILLED (I really wish I could think of a better word to explain the excitement) for Erin Condren to send me a Deluxe Monthly Planner and some goodies to use and share with you. You guys already know I love EC, but still, just in full transparency, they sent me stuff and I love it, but my opinions are all my own. AND from time to time I use affiliate links at no cost to you – and now that the blahze’ disclaimers are out of the way, can we just move on to the best thing to hit my mail drop this week?

I hit the motherlode in awesome products and I can’t wait to share each one with you, but we’ll start with one I didn’t know I needed (Update: See the new post 6 Ways to Use the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner) but now that I have it in my possession, I understand so many ways to put this baby to use.

The Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner is currently available in two different sizes, with two different internal color schemes, tabs, interchangeable covers and as nearly always, can be customized with your name (or quote depending upon the cover you choose initially)

For me, choosing the initial cover felt impossible. It was a hard choice between four different designs. I wanted something professional but pretty – which really, nearly all of the designs could fit in to that need. The four I tortured myself with deciding on were:

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner Cover Options


I ultimately chose the black floral stitches cover and customized it with my first and last name. It arrived even more beautiful in person than on screen and I love that my name appears stitched.

This planner has two-page monthly views and tons of note pages – making this ideal for my new overall work planner (and it got here literally three days before my new job starts!) I’ll be managing over 100 team members and with all of the meetings and project deadlines I have, I’ll absolutely want to have this calendar as my desk-top reference.

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner

I didn’t just stop at the Deluxe Monthly Planner – I kept filling and filling my cart until it was bed time – so what does any dedicated planner who is shopping do? I picked up where I left off on my mobile phone in bed, skipping my nightly peruse on Facebook for complete planner gluttony – YES!

Because my youngest is moving out for college in August AND I’m starting a new job AND my entire world is about to get flipped turned upside down (Will Smith reference, if you don’t get it, leave) I decided to spoil myself and grab an Erin Condren Coiled Life Planner too. New me, new planner, no?

I’m not going to say that choosing a cover was easy on this one – it wasn’t – until I spotted the watercolor floral life planner cover that somehow I’d missed when shopping for the Monthly Deluxe Planner which made it feel even more special so in one swoop I had it added to my cart,  personalized, of course.


EC Life Planner

This planner will host my life going forward – which is pretty exciting at a time when everything feels pretty scary. We’re even talking about selling the home we raised our kids in, y’all. I’m talking nothing is staying the same around here.

I chose the colorful inside but you can also choose to have the inside tabs and pages in a neutral pallet. My new planning style won’t be going over-kill with stickers anymore (more on that later) so  wanted some pops of color, but if you like to use a different weekly kit for your planning style, a neutral pallet might be right up your alley.


EC Life Planner Vertical

But listen – there were so many other things besides outright planners on the EC site and I was late night shopping so I continued to add and add and add 😀

First, I grabbed a matching watercolor floral notebook, oh yes I did. Why do I need a EC Deluxe monthly planner, a EC Life Planner AND a EC notebook?

I can think of fifty-eleven ways to use this thing, it will be hard to choose. I wish I’d also gotten one to match my Deluxe planner for work to use for my meeting downloads – I could use this one, but if we know me (and we do) I’ll probably just go buy another to match my floral stitches EC Monthly Deluxe planner.

Then, one of the coolest doodads that I didn’t ever pay attention to before, but now I’m glad I grabbed is the Wellness Starter Pack which includes the PetitePlanner Wellness Journal, fine tip wet erase markers (swoon for that turquoise one, right!?), meal planner dashboard for my life planner and the seafoam pen holder!

EC Wellness Starter Pack

This wellness log fits like magic in to the EC Life Planner pocket and the snap in dashboard will make it quick to see what’s on the menu at a glance while using my life planner. The fact that it came with the wet erase markers and a pen loop means as a planner I obviously feel inspired to use this baby because I would not, could not waste it!

But then, there were just so many other fun things that I went. to. town. I won’t go in to super detail about the rest of the haul, but here’s a picture to make you jealous

Erin Condren Accessories

Yep – that’s a watercolor floral divider, a personalized cacti mousepad that matches my office, another seafoam pen loop and a bag of treats EC tossed in.

There were also two small stocking stuffers I grabbed for my daughters, but we won’t be posting those here because that would ruin the fun.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty dern spoiled and also pretty dadgum psyched to figure out who I am when not a full time mom (I’m lying, that “psyched is just a cover up for how grief stricken initial empty nest syndrome can be).

If you’re loving anything you see here, head on over to Erin Condren and sign up to get 10% off your first order – I highly recommend shopping in bed while listening to Jimmy Fallon’s monologue.





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