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May Journal Prompts

by Brandy Burke

May is all about mental health. Grab your journal and join us!

  1. When things are hard, I want to remember
  2. Write the words you need to hear right now
  3. What is something you want to overcome
  4. How can I release the negative energy in my life
  5. What is my worst fear?
  6. I feel safe when
  7. What’s something I need to give myself permission to do
  8. What I think it means to be a worrier
  9. The dominant emotion in my life today is
  10. Healthy boundaries I need to set
  11. This calms me down every time…
  12.  Free write
  13.  When I experience failure, I
  14.  My definition of enough
  15.  My anxiety (worries, depression) has taught me ____ about myself
  16.  Write a letter to a person who has negatively impacted you
  17.  The most irrational fear I can think of
  18.  I feel safe when
  19.  What it takes to reset
  20.  _________ totally gets me
  21.  What I needed to hear when I was a child was ______________
  22.  When I feel out of control
  23.  Two secrets I kept as a child are
  24.  Things I’m carrying around that aren’t my load to bear
  25.  _________ makes me feel small
  26.  If I really did what I wanted I’d ___________
  27.  Five things I can do when I’m feeling stressed
  28.  Songs lyrics that make me feel happy
  29.  My enneagram is _____ and 
  30.  Free write
  31. I was taught to deal with emotions by

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