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March Journal Prompts

by Brandy Burke

Looks like this one didn’t publish on time, thanks to a GSM reader for pointing that out!

I can’t believe it’s already March — or actually, I kind of can since Winter has seemed four seasons long. But here we are, in one of my favorite months of the year and this month we’re talking about a subject that is very newly dear to my heart — self-love. I hope you’ll grab your pen and your journal and join us.

  1. I don’t give myself nearly enough credit for
  2. The words self-care mean
  3. I feel beautiful when
  4. I feel most rested when
  5. The songs that rejuvenate me are
  6. Physically, I feel
  7. I’m so grateful to have been forgiven for
  8. My perfect Saturday would be
  9. Self-limiting beliefs I need to release
  10. I forgive myself for
  11. My daily non-negotiables are
  12. A letter to my future self
  13. Unhealthy habits that I need to purge
  14. What makes me truly happy
  15. Other people would describe me as
  16. Three things I do really well
  17. I want to be remembered for
  18. A poem about me
  19. My five best qualities are
  20. 10 things I love about myself
  21. I think I influence others to
  22. A love letter to my body
  23. Free write about yourself
  24. These are my priorities in life
  25. The three best things I can do for myself are
  26. The best compliment I’ve ever received
  27. I know what I have to offer in life and it’s
  28. I know I can support myself better by
  29. Through the eyes of a loved one, they’d describe me as…
  30. What really makes me feel loved is
  31. The show that relates closely to my life is

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