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Ideas for Using Mambi Sticker Rolls

by Brandy Burke

I hovered around the gondola at Michaels during the MAMBI release of their long talked about Sticker rolls, as the clerk put them on the rack, I took one of each off – several to choose from – wellness, checklist, travel. All the stickers I use the most often in one small box ready for my planning debacles. The sale coupled with my extra percentage coupon meant I walked away with each of these boxes for about $3 a piece – so I know I shouldn’t complain – but I’m complaining.

The Four Reasons these Rolls don’t Work

  1. The dispenser idea isn’t discussed anywhere on the box. As it turns out, there are several youtube videos on how to fold and trim the box to create the dispenser style but many in the planner community complained about ruining their boxes before discovering these videos.
  2. There isn’t enough variety – there are 4 to 5 color/design varieties per sticker roll which equates to not much when you’re planning a week in your planner.
  3. The roll makes it difficult to access your stickers – if you want a pink checklist, you may have to pull the roll out quite a bit before you manage to find one leaving other stickers hanging out OR you’ll have to open everything up and roll the stickers up again.
  4. Not easy to store – the flat books or loose sticker sheets are much easier to file away neatly than clunky boxes with rolls of stickers hanging out.

I totally get why MAMBI created these – the idea behind having multiples of the stickers you go to the most is something we all could use but the execution behind it was just not there. I’m still a MAMBI fan, despite the flop. However, if you’re like me and you’ve purchased these little boxes, all is not lost – I’ve found several Youtube videos to share with you today that has the ability to make these worth the $3-$10 you’ve forked over for them.

Robbie Lowry, a newcomer to Youtube found a trick to keep the rolls rolling smoothly and tame the mess



Diann of Diann Plans has a brilliant storage idea, if you have the room to implement it

Stephanie at a Crafty Plan has another take on storing these rolls in a manageable fashion

and finally, Megan from Megan Plans shares an idea to store these rolls, but you’ll need a dowel rod

Have you run across other ways to store and use the Mambi Sticker Rolls? Share with the community below!

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Venassa February 3, 2018 - 11:41 pm

Hah small world.. I found you on Pinterest but Robbie Lowry is a planner friend of mine 😛 I only have one roll of these so far so I haven’t looked into how to organize. They’re just sitting on my desk unused.


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