Large Recollections/Happy Planner Planner Plan As You Go Halfsie Boxes Set 1

Large Recollections Halfsie

I’m loving this plan as you go thing – I recently wrote about it here.
Planning as you go leaves you with a much different end result than sitting down with a set of weekly spread stickers – I like the spontaneity and variety that it brings – the “grab a sticker I need to write this down”

These Plan As You Go Halfise boxes for the Large Recollections Planner lets you do just that – “Grab a sticker” – they don’t really match but they don’t contrast so bad that it hurts – they go in the pile of all of your other stickers for that moment when the urge hits and the timing is right – and they’re cute to boot!

I didn’t make the center transparent on these – and I love it because it means that I can write on them with anything (like my favorite erasable colored pencils for planners) and see it clearly – and if I need to erase, it doesn’t take away the pattern.

So if you’d like to grab these for your own stash, I’ve linked the printable PDF below as well as the studio3 cut file if you are a silhouette user like me.

Tips for printing and cutting these large recollections Halfsie Boxes (they also fit the large happy planner!)

  • Use full sheet sticker paper (these are $17.99 for 100)
  • If using a silhouette, use the registration marks setting – silhouettes are finicky and this will help.
  • I have found that putting my blade on 2 works best for this paper and my silhouette – yours may require something different.
  • If hand cutting, just print the PDF and use sharp and small detail scissors for best results

Large Recollections Planner Halfsie Box Stickers

You’ll find the PDF to print and the studio3 cut file for silhouette users here: Large Recollections Plan As You Go Halfsie Boxes Set 1

Be sure to save this to Pinterest so that you can find it later, and other large recollections planner users can find it too!

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  3. Comment below with colors you’d like to see in the future – I’ll tag you when they are ready!

Large Recollections Planner Halfsie Boxes

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