Large Recollections Planner Measurements

large recollections planner measurements

In this post, I’ll share with you the large recollections planner measurements.

I’ve always claimed to be a happy planner girl at heart, and I still feel it. But if you have a Michaels  craft store close by, you’ve likely seen the new 2017 Recollections spiral bound planners and they are all the pretty things that make up the perfect planner. The spaces are big and the colors are soft and variable and there are even some really adorable stickers in the back to get someone started. There’s also a double sided folder and some really pretty decorative dividers – and I’m loving the zipper pouch and the graph paper note section. It’s like Recollections took all the things we love about planners and mooshed them in to one great planner.

While I’m not closing the cover on my happy planner forever, I do plan to find new ways to use planners in 2017 and part of that will include the Recollections planners. I know we’ll all be hoping to design things for our planners so I’ve taken the time to list the large recollections planner measurements here:

Of course in the process of this, my scanner took a poo on my day so I had to use the phone on my camera to finish the job – yeah, the images aren’t all that great, but stick with me because the large recollections planner measurements are still easy to read 🙂

Most of the Large Recollections Planners have the same basic measurements but you should verify by looking before sticking anything down on the spaces permanently.

large recollections planner measurements verticallarge recollections planner measurements monthly

I promise if my planner decides to be a cool kid again, I’ll make the images look decent – for now, I hope it keeps you from having to squint at the tiny marks on the measuring tape before decorating your large recollections planner in 2017!

Want the small sized recollections planner measurements? They’re coming tomorrow so stick around!


Large recollections Planner Measurements

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    • Jo
    • January 20, 2017

    Have you posted the small recollections planner dimensions yet? I can’t seem to find them on your amazing blog.

      • goodstuffmama
      • January 23, 2017
        • Jo
        • January 31, 2017

        Thank you kindly 🙂

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