Large Recollections Hydration Tracker Stickers – Winter Love

Large Recollections Planner Hydration Tracker Stickers Winter Love

I am really glad to be using the Large Recollections Planner in 2017. As I mentioned in previous posts, it’s not the only planner I use, nor does it mean I’m doing away with my Happy Planner (no way!) but I’m loving the space that it has and enjoying creating things that go along with it – like this large recollections hydration tracker stickers free printable I’ve designed and shared with you below.

The colors just remind me of winter – and it combines the things I enjoy putting in January and February in my planner – and of course, everything I do has to have a little bit of turquoise in it somewhere, right!?

You can print and cut by hand or if you are a Silhouette user, I’ve included the studio3 file for you.

Tips for printing and cutting these large recollections hydration tracker stickers:

  1. Use full sheet sticker paper (these are $16.99 for 100)
  2. If using a silhouette, use the registration marks setting – silhouettes are finicky and this will help.
  3. I have found that putting my blade on 2 works best for this paper and my silhouette – yours may require something different.
  4. If hand cutting, just print the PDF and use sharp and small scissors for best results


large recollections hydration tracker stickers

You’ll find the PDF to print and the studio3 cut file for silhouette users here: Large Recollections Hydration Tracker Stickers – Winter Love

Be sure to save this to Pinterest so that you can find it later, and other large recollections planner users can find it too!

large recollections planner hydration tracker stickers free - fits perfect!


Three fun things you should do now:

  1. Re-pin the image above to your pinterest so that you (and other large recollections planner users can find it later)
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  3. Comment below with colors you’d like to see in the future – I’ll tag you when they are ready!
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