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June Journal Prompts

by Brandy Burke

June takes us back – the topic is time travel, so dig in and be ready to churn up some memories…

  1. A letter to 10-year-old me
  2. My earliest childhood memory
  3. The first time my heart broke
  4. My favorite part of childhood birthdays
  5. The best part of elementary school
  6. My childhood home
  7. The best advice I ever received
  8. Here’s every detail of the happiest day of my life
  9. 5 years ago I
  10. Grandma’s house
  11. My first kiss
  12. My childhood hero
  13. I didn’t understand it then, but
  14. The summers of my childhood were
  15. What I should have said was
  16. My favorite teacher
  17. If I could go back to any vacation, it’d be
  18. I think it’s really sad that kids today will never experience… 
  19. I’m glad I never told my parents…
  20. The playground
  21. I wish I hadn’t quit ________ because
  22.  Childhood games 
  23.  The rules I hated growing up
  24.  When I was a child, I totally thought I’d grow up to be
  25.  After school
  26.  When I hear ________ I always think back to
  27. If I could go back to any time in my life, it would definitely be
  28.  It’s funny now, but I thought it was the end of the world when….
  29.  The book from my childhood that had the biggest impact on me is

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Melissa Stevens July 15, 2020 - 1:16 am

Hi Brandy, I’ve been falling behind with this myself, do you have July’s prompts. I would like to keep up with it


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