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My New JORD Watch – Dispelling Myths and keeping me on task – GIVEAWAY!

by Brandy Burke

Three things I don’t leave home without:

My planner, my chapstick, and now my new JORD wood watch.

I was on the fence when I was offered to select a women’s wood watch from JORD to review – listen, planners and watches go hand in hand in productivity, but I haven’t worn a watch in years due to my nickel allergy (even clasps tend to break me out) and I rely on the clock on my phone to get by and it does so just fine. I am also not quick to recommend a product  -I have received products for review in the past only to send them back with regrets.
Still, I’m always up for boosting my productivity game and after looking over their selection of gorgeous unique watches I couldn’t resist.

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Let Me Tell You About My New Watch

JORD Watches come in a large variety of textures, types and grains of wood and they are all beautiful making the deciding process incredibly rough for me. I was battling between two watches – the Zebrawood and Emerald or the Dark Sandalwood and Mint. I finally just let my gut decide and ultimately chose the Frankie Dark Sandalwood and Mint watch because I adore the dark wood against my favorite minty color. I also like a round watch face because my wrists are pretty tiny and I was already worried that a wood watch may feel clunky (spoiler alert, it doesn’t)!

I’ve always promised to never bring you a product that I didn’t 100% love and use on the daily – so from the moment I got my shipping notification from JORD I attempted to not like the watch – I wanted to be devil’s advocate, tell them it didn’t work out for me – I wasn’t a watch wearer and didn’t think they could flip me ….

It only took two days for my watch to arrive  and let me just say, I wasn’t prepared for the stunning packaging inside. There is simply no topping the presentation of this timepiece. The wood display box features a pull out drawer – with a humidity packet to keep my watch wood top notch, while the top lift-off magnetic compartment houses a burlap pillow holding my watch. As the director of experience for a health company, I can truly appreciate the time they have put in to ensuring that my experience ordering from them was one I would remember and tell my friends about.

Jord Wood Watch Case


Ok, so I like the box…that doesn’t mean I’ll like the watch I told myself.

So, in effort to really try this watch out, to learn it’s qualities and it’s dips, I’ve worn it for a solid two weeks now and it has dispelled every myth I’d created about why I wouldn’t like it.

Myth 1:
I don’t need a watch. HA! I never realized the ironic time waster of digging for your cellphone while juggling everything in your hands just to check the time. It took a couple of days but once I was in the habit of looking at my wrist and not fumbling for the phone I realized how much time I collectively wasted not wearing a watch.

Myth 2: Wood will be clunky – ok, ok, I know I already spoiled this one for you – but this cool watch isn’t clunky in the slightest. My watch is incredibly light weight and I’ve fallen asleep in it a couple of times not remembering to take it off- remember, I have tiny wrists, so this was a true concern for me.

Myth 3: 
Hard to Match – I didn’t think I’d be able to wear a wood watch with a nice dress, or with yoga pants. To date, I’ve worn it with both. The dark wood I selected helps here I think because it’s not a hard clash with a black outfit.

Jord Womens Watch 3

Myth 4: It will still break me out. JORD clasps are made of stainless steel. The Frankie Sandalwood and Mint also has a wood back so literally zero itchy struggles for me here. Speaking of the clasp – my watch has what they call a deployment buckle with push buttons – so that means I can put my watch on without having to fumble (or hold it against a table while I struggle to clasp). It’s so smooth that I have to resist clasping and unclasping it just for fun.

Myth 5: It still won’t fit my wrist. I have stick people wrists and in the past would punch an extra hole in a leather band or have to take a watch to a jeweler to remove a link (or five) – JORD watches come custom sized – their website explains how to size your wrist and they offer a printable sizing ruler to assist. I wanted my watch a just a little bit loose (I was worried about breaking out) and still, it fits me exactly like I like it to.

The only negative I did find: The watch isn’t fully waterproof. You can use your watch around the house as its considered splash proof but you probably shouldn’t submerge it (re: don’t take a relaxing bath forgetting you have it on because it’s too lightweight to notice….)

Wood Watch

Their website states: Jord is composed of “artists, designers, marketers and minders” who focus on creating modern, sustainable timepieces – and I believe it! This statement is obvious from the time you’re on their site through the craftsmanship and beauty of their watches so I’ve decided to share this review with you (I take sticking my neck out for products seriously) – JORD meets all of my criteria for a product I would recommend so I’m thrilled that they’re generously giving away a $100 e-gift certificate towards your own cool watch to one lucky Goodstuffmama reader. Watches start at $139 – so keep this for yourself (shhh…I won’t tell) or use it to grab your favorite dad a unique watch for Father’s Day this year!  Every entrant will receive a $25 gift code by email at the close of the contest….seriously cool, right!?

This contest ends on 5/28/17 at 11:59PM. All codes expire 8/27/17 – you’d be crazy not to enter!

Watches Made From Wood

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