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I’m So Lucky Scrapbook Layout

by Brandy Burke

I was working when this idea popped in to my head, and I must say, I finished my tasks very distracted. I knew this would be cute, but I didn’t realize it would border on adorable!

I started out with a sheet of white and a sheet of pink cardstock from 12X12Cardstock.shop where they have all the colors all the time. If you’ve never checked them out, head on over there now and then come back here when you’re done.

I used my Silhouette to cut out hearts randomly throughout my cardstock, each heart has a 0.125 dashed offset for interest. You can download my pattern here for free.

I also enlarged two of the hearts and cut them out of pink cardstock and then glued the two hearts together to create bulk. I sewed the hearts together using embroidery thread and then used the edge of my scissors to rough up the edges of the heart, again, just to add a bit more interest.

On the main page, I used the smooshing technique to create the background.

To do this, you just grab an old piece of cellophane/plastic wrap/acetate – I used an outside wrapper from a stamp set.

Dab your ink (I used distress ink) on to the cellophane and then give it a couple of shots of water sprayed from a distress spray bottle. You don’t want to spray so much water that it pools, just enough to make it bead up slightly.

Next, turn over the cellophane and smoosh it down repeatedly on to your card stock, moving it around and using the cellophane to guide the coloring.

Finally, I moved on to clipping a few squares of left over patterned scrapbook paper and inserted those behind the heart cut outs.  I didn’t measure, but you’ll be able to eye-ball this and in the end, I sort of wished I’d created more cut out hearts because I really need a use for all of my scrap paper!

I added the photo, with a white card stock background and positioned and adhered everything on to my page.

I finished off with a stamp that reads “I’m so lucky” (or if you look at it wrong, I’m so licky) as well as the date of the photograph, a few sequins and within 45 minutes, the page was complete.


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