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How to use Digital Planner Stickers in GoodNotes5

by Brandy Burke
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If you’re new to using a digital planner, you’re not alone – while I first heard of this fun new diddy back in 2018, it didn’t catch on rapidly and I’m only recently hearing more and more about it.

There are several digital planner pros and cons but if I could name my favorite pro, it’s that the stickers are reusable.

I know. Imagine being able to use your favorites over and over again without having to remember to re-order them!

This post will walk through the simple step by step guide to using digital planner stickers in GoodNotes5.

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In the photo above is a sheet of digital planner stickers from CreateStory – they’re my favorite – I’ve blurred them out but you should definitely go and check their store.
  • First, locate the sticker you want to use.
  • Select the Lasso Tool
  • Circle (lasso) the sticker you want to use
  • Hold your stylus or finger down on the screen until you’re given cut / copy options
  • Select copy
  • Go to the page you’d like to use your digital planner sticker on
  • Hold your stylus down on the screen and click paste

If you accidentally bring too many stickers over (you copy too many on accident) when you hit paste, you can then lasso the ones you don’t want on that page and just delete them off.

The best part, those digital planner stickers can be used time and time again.

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