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How to Plan for a Productive Day

by Brandy Burke

We all want to be productive right? Well, at least the majority of us do – because being productive makes it feel like we got up for a reason, and helps us to feel like our day meant something as we slip into bed each day.

But even the best planners and the most determined list makers can still struggle with getting the needed things accomplished in their day – why? I really think it’s because of how we plan.

Often times, planning can just be a brain dump of all the things you need to do, and a brain dump is an important step in the planning process, but you have to smooth out the wrinkles afterward to make your calendar really make sense.

4 Tips for Productive Planning

  1. Start with the Non-Negotiables.
    Your non-negotiables are the things in your days and weeks that you’re not willing to compromise on. They’re the things that happen because they make you who you are – and solidify your needs as well as your morals.
  2. Brain Dump.
    We chatted about it above, a brain dump is important. But many people do this right on their planner and that’s where it all stops. Brain dump on a piece of scratch paper first, getting out all the little fiddly bits of things you really want and need to get accomplished. Then…
  3. Next, plan the priorities.
    These are the things that absolutely have to get done, they have deadlines, other things depend on them, they pay the bills
  4. Next, Calendar Block.
    This is especially easy when using an hourly planner, but even if you’re not using an hourly planner, you can still block like tasks together. So a priority may have been going to the grocery store – while you’re out running errands, lets put them all together in a block to avoid extra time and gas spent. The same with phone calls and meetings. When we block like items together, we’re bound to be productive.

There are also a lot of really great books on productivity that can help further add to the productivity life goal, just be sure you plan some time for reading, too!

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