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Healthy Planner Printable

Before I get started telling you about this awesome printable, I want to invite you to join my new Facebook Group – Secret Planner Swap and Round Robins.

I love all of the cute health related stickers for my planner but I do a whole lot better with everything in one place. I need something I can quickly glance at to check my progress so I created this healthy planner printable to keep myself in check.

I try to take good care of myself, but let me be honest here – I’m not a health nut. I have a few simple goals for myself which are: Meet the hydration and step recommendations daily and don’t gain any weight. Pretty simple.

I’m sure there are others out there like me, who just prefer to have an in-your-face compilation of stats in their planner. Yes, my phone app calculates all of this for me, but I live in my planner and prefer to have it here, with the rest of my life happenings.

The healthy planner printable has graphs that are a lot of fun to customize. Use highlighters to color in the boxes as I’ve done here or colorful pens to doodle in all of the boxes – or fill the boxes with stickers or washi tape – really, there’s just too many things you could do with this printable that I can’t imagine you getting bored.

healthy planner printable highlit

I’ve created these to print two per page and there are some gentle cut lines for you to make life easier – that’s what the planner is supposed to do, right? If you’re a blogger check back next week for a blogger’s planner printable. New free printables are added weekly on Fridays

I’d love to see what you’re doing with your healthy planner printable so be sure to tag me on instagram @goodstuffmama.


Click to download this healthy planner printable


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Love this free planner printable - keep track of all your health stats at a glance! #planner #health


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  2. Reply

    I am printing off this hydration chart. Wonderful idea and so simple

  3. Reply

    I need to start using planners more. Pretty & Practical!

  4. Reply

    This is great! I need this. I am horrible with keeping track of my water so this will help. I try to eat healthy too but I know the printable will help. Thanks!

  5. Reply

    Very well done! I like the idea of recording steps and hydration. I guess I need to (find and) charge my FitBit step counter! Thanks!

  6. Reply

    I have a planner, but I rarely use, and I should be using it. I surely could use a hydration chart to keep me on goal with my water

    • Ari
    • November 12, 2016

    Wow – so cool! I love that it’s in your planner so you don’t have to carry around another thing for tracking.

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  9. Reply

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve a planner but for general things and blogging. This looks like a fun printable.

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    • pam
    • August 4, 2017

    been trying to get the password for health planner printable but for some reason it is not coming to my e-mail

      • Brandy Burke
      • August 14, 2017

      Hey Pam, it’s showing you opened and clicked so I assume you were able to get it all to work but if you have any further questions please do reach out!

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