Happy Planner Mini Checklist Stickers – Bright Colors

I admit I don’t use my happy planner nearly as much as I used to. It’s the perfect size for a purse ride-along but the boxes are so tiny. I did manage to find a great way to date your mini planner monthly but otherwise, my writing seems to big and bubbly for most of the boxes. Still, I use it from time to time and when I do, a check list box always comes in handy, right?

And as gloomy as the weather has been, I could use some bright colors. So this happy planner mini checklist sticker printable made it’s way to the blog for you.

I like that I still have room to write in the planner day, the checklist doesn’t take up too much room  – maybe I’m moving in the right direction on using the Happy Planner Mini 🙂

Tips for printing and cutting these Happy Planner Mini Checklist Stickers:

  • Use full sheet sticker paper (these are $16.99 for 100)
  • If using a silhouette, use the registration marks setting – silhouettes are finicky and this will help.
  • Cut the red lines first at a blade setting of 2 or 3, cut the purple line second with a blade setting of 7 or 8 – I double cut my purple line.
  • If hand cutting, just print the PDF and use sharp and small detail scissors for best results


You’ll find the PDF to print and the cut file if you have a Silhouette here: Happy Planner Mini Checklist Brights

Three fun things you should do now:

  1. Re-pin the image below to your Pinterest so that you (and other large recollections planner users can find it later)
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  3. Comment below with colors you’d like to see in the future – I’ll tag you when they are ready!

Happy Planner Mini Checklist stickers - bright colors, fits perfectly, just what I needed!

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    January 3, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Thanks for these! Would love to see mint green, lilac, and other pastels, neutrals in brown/creams, black, gray, and white, and dark jewel tones!

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