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DIY Yarn Bowl

by Brandy Burke
DIY Yarn Bowl Finished and Sitting Next to a Chair

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, unique yarn bowl? But sometimes, something fancy just isn’t in the cards and you need an immediate fix to your yarn loaf flopping on the floor during your project.

This DIY Yarn Bowl couldn’t be simpler to make – and I credit my former husband’s mawmaw for the tip.

DIY Yarn Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

Yarn Bowl Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Prepare the bottle

Take any 2 liter bottle and remove the label. Rinse it out and dry it completely

Step 2: Cut the bottle

Using an Xacto knife, cut the bottle evenly around the bottom 1/3 of the bottle.

Step 3: Notch it

Cut a small triangle at the bottom of one side of the top of the bottle. I’ve placed a piece of pink paper behind this so that you can better see it. This is not required, I’ve just found that it helps with the next step.

Step 4: Stuff it to transform to a yarn bowl

Place your yarn ball into the bottom of the 2 liter bottle. Take the end string and run it through the top of the bottle and out the spout. Finally, stuff the top part inside the bottom.

Reuse the DIY Yarn Bowl

This yarn bowl will last indefinite uses, just pull the two parts together to change out the yarn. Use multiple yarn bowls at a time for multi-colored projects — this is one cool bonus you just don’t get with the typical yarn bowl.

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