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DIY Tassel Earrings

by Brandy Burke

I am a huge fan of mixing my metals and of funky earrings so I am loving the way these DIY Tassel earrings came together – they go with literally anything I wear and I can only imagine how creative you can get with different colored floss and metals..



DIY Tassel Earring Supplies:

1 skien embroidery floss

2 9mm gold jump rings

1 9mm silver jump ring

1 large brushed silver jump ring (I didn’t have the packaging to verify size)

1 earring hoop

1 earring finding


jewelry pliers

DIY Tassel Earrings Instructions

First: Take the first strand of floss and cut it – this will be the small piece you use to tie the tassel.

Take your largest (6mm) jump ring and slip it over the skein of floss, sliding it to the center.

Fold your skein in half and use the piece of floss you cut in step 1 to tie a very tight knot around the floss. I double, sometimes triple mine.

Here, I went ahead and trimmed some of the floss just to make the DIY Tassel earring piece more manageable

Next, I used the two gold jump rings to connect the main piece to the hoop earring.

Then, I used my silver jump ring to connect my earring finding to the hoop earring piece.

Then, I used the remaining large, thick jump ring to cover the knot.

Finally, I used a comb to the tassel to separate the floss and trimmed both pieces evenly. I absolutely love these DIY Tassel earrings and have gotten a few compliments on their unique style.

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