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DIY Spring Floral Hoop Wreath

by Brandy Burke

I was shopping in Hobby Lobby last weekend and all of their floral was on sale for 50% off. For whatever reason, this bundle of orange, pink and purple flowers called my name.

I love DIY – but I’m not usually keep on floral projects. I have some floral tape, a few stems of random roses that I use as backdrops in a photo from time to time, but that’s usually where I draw the line. However, 50% off of something that is usually $16 piqued my interest so I bought.


When I got home, I realized that I really loved my customized hoop wreath that I made a while back, so I got to chopping to create one out of real flowers – and I warn you  – this is not a tutorial, but more of a lookbook because as it turns out, making these little suckers is more work than you’d think and there was no way I could take a photo while wrapping random wire and holding a glue gun. Sorry, my skills are limited 😀

I laid out the supplies I thought I’d need but let me tell ya – you actually need a few more:


Floral stems

Wire cutters

Glue sticks (and glue gun)

large 12″ embroidery wreath

Not pictured:


Floral Tape

Jewelry wire

I started by cutting apart the flowers that I thought I’d use – let me share a piece of advice with you that no one shared with me – leave the stems long until you decide where they’ll go. I found that wrapping the long stem of the roses around the wreath worked better than trying to hot glue them.

Start by wrapping floral tape around where you believe your design will be. This covers up any wood from the hoop that would peak through. Next, lay out your greenery and bipbops how you’d like them, use the hot glue gun to secure in place and where necessary, add jewelry wire to secure the pieces to the hoop. At the end, I basically created a hot glue bath to soak all the flowers to the hoop – but it turned out quite lovely, didn’t it?

DIY Spring Floral hoop Wreath Final

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