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DIY Rag Wreath – Fabric Wreath Tutorial

by Brandy Burke

During Coronavirus, I bought the best beginner’s sewing machine and taught myself to make fabric masks. You know I’m a project jumper, so once I felt I’d mastered the technique, I was on to other things, but left with lots of little fabric remnants which lead to the perfect craft: DIY Rag Wreath.

I actually read several tutorials and I’m going to be straight with you – there’s one reason I decided to share this with you, among all the others out there on Pinterest – and that was the hopes that it would give you the permission to excuse the rules.

I’ll explain more in a minute.

DIY Rag Wreath Supplies

  • About 1-2 total yards of fabric in various colors and patterns
    Note: I also threw in some various ribbons that I had remaining from projects.
  • Wreath frame (mine was 16″)
  • Fabric Scissors

First rule we’re breaking — who cares if the fabric coordinates. I mean, maybe you do care and if you do, or you have a specific intention in mind, then by all means – but some many tutorials speak of coordinating the fabric and I’m over it. You start adding rules to my crafting and I’m not interested 😀

Cut your fabric in squares ranging from about 5″ to about 8″ long. Other tutorials say to cut 8″ strips but I wanted mine to actually look raggedy and I admired the variation in length. From these 5-8″ long fabric strips, cut a notch at 1/2 – 1″ (ISH” ” increments (second “rule” we’re breaking) – 1/2 to 1 or even 2″. it’s really up to you.

Cutting Fabric for Rag Wreath

From that, tear your fabric in strips (third “rule” we’re breaking – others say to cut it all nice and neat with a rotary cutter, heck no, I want the ripped, jagged edges and wads of string that give this the most beautiful, rich texture.

cutting fabric for rag wreath

Next, just tie all the fabric on around the wreath. I didn’t really work in order, I didn’t want too much “pattern” to it – I wanted it to be unique, unreplicable, and in the end, it definitely turned out to be special.

how to tie fabric for rag wreath

rag wreath hanging in craft room
close up of rag wreath

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