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DIY Planner Folders

by Brandy Burke

I’m not the creator of this project – you can find bloggers and youtubers all over the net sharing similar ideas and tutorials – but maybe you don’t follow them. Or maybe you’ve never even thought about creating your own folders for your planners – so I’m sharing this video and blog post with you for inspiration and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

What you’ll need:


Take a page out of your current planner and align it with the bottom left side of the closed folder (spine side. Trace around the page and then cut it out.

Open the file folder and cut from the corner to the spine to create a small triangular pocket.

Glue the large pocket down

Glue the small pocket down, either at the bottom of the large pocket or on the reverse side.

Trace and punch holes using the page from your planner. For a happy planner, put a mark where each hole should be and punch each mark with the hole punch, then using your scissors cut two straight lines from the edge of the folder to the center of the hole.

Please see video for the best step-by-step.

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