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DIY Paper Chandelier

by Brandy Burke

I’m going to share this beautiful paper chandelier that I made for my creative studio but I’ll warn you in advance, don’t begin this project if you’re one for instant gratification.

This beauty sat on my desk for three weeks while I planned and then pieced it together. If I would have had exact instructions for what I wanted to do, it likely would have come together much quicker, but I didn’t – and sadly, you won’t either. I didn’t measure and pour here, so the exacts aren’t there, but I can guide you through it with more than I had to go off of

DIY Paper Chandelier Supplies Needed:

To start 

Punch circles out of colorful paper using your circle punch. I did:

  • 30 of each orange, pink, green in 1.5″
  • 20 of purple and green in 1″
  • 20 of Turquoise in 0.5″

Cut a long section of string – I never measured but always cut way more than I needed.

Begin by putting one bead on to your string at the bottom of your thread and then take your needle and go back through this bead from the bottom up. This makes the bead movable but secure enough to hold your circle in place. Next, string on your first circle. You will repeat this process with your beads and circles for 20 strings of thread.

Here is the pattern I used:

bead, turquoise, bead, turquoise, bead, purple, bead, purple, bead, green, bead, green, bead, pink, bead, pink, bead, pink, bead, orange, bead, orange, bead, orange, and finish with a bead at the top.

Tie it all together:

When finished, Tie your beaded strings around the embroidery hoop using a double knot, leaving a tail. When finished, use your fingers to space out the strings around the hoop and then double check your knot for security – when you’re convinced, hot glue the string in place and trim the excess tail from your knot.

The Flowers:

I used my Silhouette and cut out 8 paper flowers in the same colors as my circles and assembled them. If you don’t have a silhouette machine, you can hand cut flowers or use hand spiraled paper roses. I secured these with hot glue.

Hang it:

Finally, I tied two long pieces of jute from one side to the other, one from side to side, one from front to back – where they cross in the center is where I chose to use a nail to hang the piece.

DIY Paper Chandelier made from circle punches and a hoop

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