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DIY Mother’s Cross Stitch

by Brandy Burke

I found this cross stitch pattern on Etsy and nabbed it up. May is the month of Moms, you know – and this quote is truer than true.

Things that make me sound like my own mother:

  • Weather reports to my grown children
  • Saying “Oh my stars”
  • Being super leary of any meat and not trusting expiration dates
  • Saying “There’s always tomorrow” (Side note, that’s not exactly a true statement).

The list goes on….

For this pattern, I chose some different colors (I am a fan of ALL colors, so I didn’t hate the ones the pattern designer chose, I just have a color scheme going here and I didn’t want to break it up 🙂 )

Grab the pattern here

Here’s the colors I used:

DMC 3607
DMC 3836
DMC 943
DMC 3816
DMC 3819
DMC 3768

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