DIY Christmas Gift Card Holders

DIY Christmas Gift Card Holder

Sometimes, the best gift is letting the recipient select their own gift – I have learned that the hard way more times than I can count. I’m not the best or most thoughtful shopper. Still, I’d like to put a personal touch on gift cards so I’ve already started making up these adorable DIY Christmas Gift Card Holders in preparation for the Holiday season.

What you’ll need:

  • Christmas scrapbook paper
  • Cardstock (for the circles, I used glittery cardstock)
  • Circle Punch
  • Brads
  • Embroidery Floss (or get creative with Jute, thin ribbon, ricrack, etc)
  • Tape Runner or glue stick
  • Embellishments

There are many printable templates online but the best one I have found for this is here. Use the C7 String Tie template.

DIY Christmas gift card holders - 10 minutes or less

Step 1: You can print the template on your scrapbook paper or create a template to trace around. I personally wish I would have traced it because my pattern doesn’t run the proper direction on some of my envelopes.

Step 2: Cut out the envelope

Step 3: Punch 2 circles

Step 4: Score the holes where the brads will go, both on the envelope and on the circles

Step 5: Place brads through circles and then through the score marks on the envelope

Step 6: Fold envelope on fold lines

Step 7: Run tape runner across the side of the envelope holding the brad and the bottom of the envelope and press together

Step 8: Tie a loop in your embroidery thread and then wrap the loop over your bottom circle and draw it tight, begin wrapping around both upper and lower circles

Step 9: Trip embroidery floss

Step 10: Embellish if desired


I can see using these for planner swaps, birthday party favors, and lots of other options. I’d love to see what you come up with – tag me on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram!

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